Good News : Moegoke Peng kah doh nak ah SAC ralhrang lei minung (30) leng an thi

Mandalay ram then, Moegoke Peng, SAC ralhrang le PDF kar kah doh nak ah ralhrang lei minung (30) leng an thi tiah NUG battalion 1222 lei nih an chim.

January 20 ni, zaan lei 12:30pm hrawng, Moegoke Peng, Mine Hung khua pawng um NUG battalion 1222 cu ralhrang nih cung lei le tang lei ralhrang minung (200) hrawng he tiah PDF he an I kap, ralhrang lei minung (30) leng an thi tiah theih a si.

Ralhrang nih Jet vanlawng hman in bom voi (30) hrawng an thlak, Set meithal hmang in zong an kah hna, 40MM, 60MM hna zong in PDF pawl cu kah an tong.

Kah doh nak ah battation 1222 in Pa Sal Tha ralbawi pakhat a nun nak a liam, pa (3) liam hma an tong, a dang cu kan him dih tiah an chim.

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