Sagaing Ramthen Chungah Ralhrang Hna Nih Alawng-Min-Taya Operation Min Pek In Raltuk Thok

Sagaing ramthen chungah mipi ralkap PDF hna cu ALaung-Min-Taya operation min in ralhrang hna cu tuzing ah helicopter in an phan tiah phunlut tein thawngthanhnak ah langhter asi.

Tuni zing ah ralkap ngeihmi helicopter 6 in le, Jet Fighter pawl in Tanhse le Chyan hla lei ah a kal i kahnak le rallokap pawl a va chiah hna tiah khuami hna nih an chim.

Ralhrang hna cu mawtaw lam hmang in bawmchantu an kal paoh ah bomb in puah hnawh an ton lengmang caah Helicopter in an i bawm chan cang tiah khuami cheukhat nih an zumh hna nak an chim.# Khit Thit Media

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