Thantlang Khuachung Covid-19 Mizaw 57 Um

2021,September 8 ,ah Thantlang Covid-19 zawtnak he pehtlai in avoi 38nk mithar 22 zohfelnak tuah an si i minung 2 sin in Covid -19 zawtnak a thar in hmuhthan a si tiah kan theih.

Thantlang Khua chung ah 8, 9 .2021 ni tiang, Covid zawtnak he pehtlai in zohfelnak tuahmi dihlak 2148 an si cang . Thantlang ah Covid-19 zawtnak hmuhmi ,minung 293 an si cang . 8.9.2021 ni ah zawtnak hmuhcia mi minung 1 zohfelnak tuah than asi i damnak a hmuh tiah Pu Ram Khar nih a fb cahmai ah a taarlangh.

Minung 243 nih damnak an hmuh than cang . Minung 9 nih nunnak a kan liamtak. Covid -19 lunghrinh in a thimi 1 asi. Khuate ah covid in minung 1 a thi ve . Thantlang khuachung ah Covid-19 Positive minung 57 kan um rih tiah a tialchap.

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