NUG Cozah, UN Nih Cohlan Ding In Bago Sianghleiruun Hna Nih An Hal

Mizapi duhmi NUG cozah cu UN nih theihpi nak tuah dingin Bago sianghleiruun kai mi hna nih July 28 ah an hal.
Bago sianghleirun hna nih UN-Accept NUG.Reject SAC timi cathluan tlaih in an umnak hmun cio in an langhter hna. Major 12 ah sianghngakchia 20 tluk duhnak langhternak ah an i tel.
“Tuanbia theimi pakhat sinak in ralkap uknak hi ka cohlang kho lo. Ralhrang hna an that lo nak hmuh ko bu i ralkap uknak a cohlang rihmi cu tuanbia theilo mi an si lai” tiah sianghngakchia pakhat nih a chim.
Sianghngakchia pakhat zong nih mizapi hna thazaang peknak a chim i a dongh tiang ralhrang hi kan doh ti hna lai tiah a chim.

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